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    Baldwin Legal Investigation, Inc.'s cases take us around the world, but we specialize in the Southeast US, particularly Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. Private Investigators are standing by in Mobile, AL; Birmingham, AL; and Pensacola, FL. Contact us today.

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    When you need a People Search to locate a person of interest, a Background Investigation, or a comprehensive Motor Vehicle Registration report, our professional private investigators will personally handle your request and deliver your reports within 24 hours. Click here for complete information.

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    Private citizens often come to us looking for firm evidence of infidelity or to document spousal misconduct in child custody arrangements. We have trained, experienced private investigators using the highest quality cameras available to videotape any activity of interest.

    Private Investigator Services
  • Business Investigation Services

    We conduct private investigations for lawyers, insurance companies, and corporations of any size to uncover the truth about fraud, theft, infidelity, misconduct and illegal activities among clients, witnesses, employees, and suppliers. We save you money.

    Business Investigation Services

Get People Search, Background, and Vehicle reports in 24 hours!

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